November didn’t start out great

I haven’t been able to write the past few days. It had been crazy and hectic.

But the craziest was yesterday. My laptop suddenly wouldn’t turn on. It was a surprise to me as I was still able to use it just fine last Sunday. So I absolutely had no idea what caused it. I ended up taking an Emergency Leave because I did not have any backup computer.

We (my dad drove for me)first went to the closest Apple Service Center but it was a fail because apparently they only let customers in by appointment. Fortunately, I was still able to get a slot for yesterday but in a different store and mall. So we rushed through the traffic just to be able to make it to my schedule.

I did not end up having my laptop fixed there thought because they said it would take 5–7 days just to diagnose the issue and then another 3–4 weeks for the repair itself, should it be a hardware issue.

I decided to go to another place to canvass and ask how long it would take for them to fix it. It was much shorter than the first store however I still couldn’t wait that long because I needed it for my work.

As a last resort, we went to Gilmore, which is known to be a haven for computer parts. I was starting to consider just building my own PC while I wait tog get my laptop fixed. Luckily, I had workmates who knew all about those and seek their advice on the specs to look for since I had no idea about those.

It was already afternoon then. We’d been out since 8 in the morning and I was drained from the anxiety, stress, and physical exhaustion.

By 3 in the afternoon, the people at the store started building the PC and was done by 5.

We got home at around 7. I just had dinner, changed clothes, and then proceeded to setting up my PC.

As if my misadventures for that day weren’t enough…I could not access the internet through my PC, which I needed to download all the apps and programs I needed for work.

I did a lot of searching on Google and YouTube, tried so many solutions from stragers in countless threads, and the next thing I new it was 4am. At that point, I wanted to give up and just sleep. I was set on taking another Emergency Leave so I could figure out what to do with my connectivity issues, but I couldn’t sleep. I kept going back and forth my bed and my desk, trying out other and the same solutions.

At 6am, I finally fixed the problem. I felt stupid because it was such a simple thing that I could have fixed had I tried it earlier that night.

Anyway, what came after was a blur. I had to install and setup everything before my shift started and now, it’s already 12 noon, running on 0 hours of sleep and I’m writing this before I take my lunch.




multimedia artist & personal finance enthusiast from manila.

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diane jacinto

diane jacinto

multimedia artist & personal finance enthusiast from manila.

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